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Indoor Meeting: Talk by Richard Hobbs "Spring & Early Summer Bulbs & Plants"

Written by Sarah Rix. Posted in Events Past

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10th Febuary 2018

Richard kindly stepped in when our original speaker Joe Whitehead was unable to attend.  Richard came straight from the 'Radio Norfolk' studios where he had been a guest on the 'Garden 'Party programme.

So on a cold dreary grey February afternoon we were transported by slides and a uplifting and wonderful talk on Spring and early summer bulbs and plants.  Within minutes we were there in a spring garden.  Some of which were new and are firm favourites and we have in our gardens and some that we have now added to our list of desirables.

Richard took us on a journey of colour and scents - some more appealing than others.  He described and explained the origin and homelands of these species that we have come to expect and take for granted to see in our gardens.  By understanding the origins of these flowers and plants this should help with the citing and long term care to enable year after year enjoyment.  The variety of Spring and early summer bulbs for all areas and condition within our gardens was truly amazing.

Richard and Sally were kind enough to also bring along lots of plants for us to buy and as always additional advice in plants and aftercare.