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October 11th 2009

Written by John Metcalf. Posted in In my garden

Rose 'Vidal Sasson'At last some rain after two of the driest months of this year in which, apart from a freak cloudburst at the end of July, Norfolk has had almost no rain. Apples are less sweet because of a shortage of water and many trees are prematurely shedding their leaves but in spite of this some good autumn colouring is to be seen.

November - more rain at last

Written by John Metcalf. Posted in In my garden

geranium''Roxanne' Rain, never thought I'd be saying 'not enough' but at the moment this is true. We have had some rain but the subsoil is still very dry and it looks like it may well be into the New Year before there is enough to get the soil thoroughly soaked. In the mean time there is still a lot to see and enjoy in the garden but the weed seeds have germinated with a vengeance after the recent rains.

December Colour

Written by John Metcalf. Posted in In my garden

Cotinus coggyria Royal PurpleAfter abundant rain, the garden is still reviving and weed seedlings are growing apace. Many plants have made new growth and are looking much fresher after the earlier prolonged drought. Still some colour but without the richness of summer intensity, and as yet only a few very light frosts.