Plant Portraits


Written by John Metcalf. Posted in Plant Portraits

Hellebore seedling March 2nd  - and a lovely day  so I managed to take a few pictures of the hellebores before they are spoilt by the rain.

All these flowers are from seedlings






hellebore    hellebore    hellebore picotee-edge 


hellebore small green flowered 


hellebore dark leaves, dark flowers    early visitor to hellebores   hellebore

  hellebore seedling     

    hellebore seedling hellebore seedling  hellebore seedling      

 hellebore seedling    hellebore seedling   hellebore seedling

 hellebore seedling    hellebore seedling 

hellebore seedling 

Helleborus hybrid

Helleborus hybrid   Helleborus hybrid   Helleborus hybrid   Helleborus hybrid

Helleborus hybrid (dark leaves)   Helleborus hybrid     

Hellebore orientalis purple spotted hybrid   Hellebore orientalis white hybrid   Hellebore orientalis purple hybrid   Hellebore orientalis dark hybrid

The above are all seedlings


photographs by John Metcalf