Weather Reports

September to December 2007

Written by Richard Ball. Posted in Weather Reports

It was a month with average to below average rainfall across Norfolk and Suffolk, rainfall totals ranged from 20mm to 65mm. The wettest areas were parts of Norfolk with monthly totals of 62mm at Howe and 56.5mm at Alby. The driest areas were in Suffolk, Pakenham had 40mm but some places in Suffolk had less than 20mm.



My rainfall total at Calthorpe, North Norfolk was 57.2mm, 90% of average and was the driest September since 2005. Temperatures were spot on average for the month with a mean of 14.6°C, although it was the coldest September since 2003. My sunshine total was 173.6 hours, 110% of the average. It was the first month with above average sunshine since April.


It was a very anticyclonic month so with high pressure close by we had plenty of dry days. Interestingly nearly all the months rainfall fell on two successive wet Tuesdays - 9th and 16th. Rainfall totals across Norfolk and Suffolk were average to below average with 40mm to 70mm. Norfolk again was wetter than Suffolk - Howe recorded 65.5mm, Alby 55mm and Pakenham 50mm. On the wettest days of the month, 9th & 16th, rainfall totals of 15mm to 35mm were recorded.

At Calthorpe my rainfall total was 53mm, 73% of average and was the driest October since 2001. 90% of my months total fell on 9th and 16th, 20.7mm and 27.2mm respectively. The month had just 3 days with more than 1mm of rain, equal lowest with 1995 on my 19 year record. It was my coldest October since 2003 with a mean temperature of 10.9°C, below average by 0.5°C. I recorded 8 ground frosts, the most in October since 1992. My sunshine total was 100.6 hours, 81% of my average.


November continued on the anticyclonic theme and was another month when most places had below average rainfall. The high pressure was centred to the west at times during the month and this caused winds to come from the northwest bringing showers to north and east Norfolk, this was the wettest area in our region with rainfall totals 50-70mm which is around average for November. The rest of Norfolk and Suffolk had rainfall totals of 25-50mm. Howe was the wettest place with 73.5mm, Alby had 52mm and Pakenham had 33mm.

Here in Calthorpe my rainfall total was 65.5mm, 87% of average and was the driest November since 2004. The wettest day was the 13th when frequent showers with hail came in from the North Sea giving me a total of 21.6mm. Temperatures were about average for November with a mean of 7.3°C. My sunshine total was 50.8 hours, only 66% of my average.

The autumn (Sep, Oct, Nov) was drier than average across the region and was the driest since 1997 or 1989 for some places. It was the anticyclonic conditions which prevailed throughout the autumn what made it drier than average, a much welcomed relief after the very wet summer.


The last month of the year started unsettled with rain and strong winds, then high pressure moved in and settled things down mid month before unsettled conditions came back for the final week. For most places across Norfolk and Suffolk it was a slightly drier than average month with rainfall totals of 40-60mm. Alby recorded 56.5mm and Pakenham 53mm. There were a few localised spots in Norfolk where totals reached 70-80mm including 80mm at Howe. The wettest days of the month were the 6th, 25th and 28th with totals of 10-15mm in places.

My rainfall total at Calthorpe was 58.5mm, 87% of my average. It was the fourth December in a row with below average rainfall. My wettest day was the 6th with 13.8mm. It was a slightly warmer than average December, my mean temperature was 5.4°C, 0.3°C above average. My sunshine total was 53.8 hours, 86% of my average. There were a high number of dull, gloomy days - 16 days had no sunshine.

Year 2007

The year 2007 will be remembered for having a very wet and disappointing summer. The year was wet right across our region with yearly rainfall totals well above average. Most places had totals of 700-900mm. The wettest areas were in Norfolk with totals of 900-1100mm and the driest areas were in Suffolk with 600-700mm. Howe recorded 975mm, Alby 874.5mm, Calthorpe 867.7mm and Pakenham 662mm.

Compiled by Jonathan Dancaster with data supplied by John Alston, Peter Semmence and Peter George