Garden Visit: Lake House, Brundall

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IMG 0434!4th May 2016

Janet Muter, our welcoming host, gave us a brief introduction to the earlier history of the site and garden, including the other Brundall Gardens and a description of her own work to resurrect her garden, noting how the borders of the ponds were not easily detectable at first.

The house is almost at the top of the site and looks down across the three ponds to the lake, with waterfalls and a huge fountain. The soil suits rhododendrons and has a beautiful framework of a variety of mature trees, including several coloured beeches and a cut-leaved beech. ( There was one tree not quite in leaf that wasn't identified, so it will be interesting to see if it's in the Newsletter write- up!) There were huge Zantedeschia aetheopica coming into flower, beautiful candelabra primulas, ferns unfurling and a number of shrubs and perennials in bloom, from tiny creeping toadflax, lovely blue Lithodora, many geraniums, through rhododendrons and azaleas just about to open. The path to the lake was intermittently bordered by bluebells. Janet aims to have plants worth seeing throughout the year. At the lake was a shingle beach with a picturesque, but probably essential, little boat. A small flock of Canada Geese left the scene when some of our members arrived.Janet had said she was keen to maintain a garden providing habitats for wildlife

On our return to the terrace we were provided with tea and biscuits, care of Janet's daughter, and the offer of discounted copies of Janet's book, called 'Rescue of a Garden' published in 2015.

Chris Davies

All Future Garden Visits

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Could all members that intend to come on our future garden visits please let our Chairman Chris Davies know in good time either by phone or Email so that we can plan tea & cake etc many thanks.

Garden Visit & Plant Sale

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9th April 2016

Apres moi le deluge!

IMG 0033-03

I have totally misappropriated this expression with regard to our visit to Sue and Graham Allison's garden at Thorpe St Andrew on 9th April.
It didn't even wait until Sue had taken members on the tour of the garden. It rained all day!
Sue had arranged for the wet boots etc. and started with a talk about the 6 year development of the woodland garden since the spring of 2010, backed up by a loop of photographs on a screen. Members then had tea and a choice of excellent cakes baked by our host Sue, served by Sarah and Barbra, ( both new committee members), interrupted only by the late presentation to Geoff Wilson of some garden vouchers, which he should have had, along with his commemorative trowel, at the AGM, but the vouchers had been omitted due to the change in Treasurer and lack of responsibility of either for the purpose.
After tea, brave members followed Sue, with their brollies, across the original, lawned garden, with large topiary creature, to the beautiful wooded valley, developed over the last 9 years, bright with narcissus and leucojum, newly emerged leaves on some shrubs and trees, the astonishing scarlet berries of Nandina domestica, among others, down the gentle hairpin bends and up the shallow steps, all supported by wooden edgings, very much in keeping with the nature of the garden. It looked very clean and fresh in the rain and occasional bright patches.
Members then returned to the drive, where a dripping Andrew and similar Colin manned the Plant Sale, assisted by other members of the committee, and helpful individuals.
Sue was able to send £200 to the NOOK Appeal, ( Childrens' Hospice), and the Plant Stall raised £157, plus a late bit, for Group funds. Many thanks to Sue and Graham for hosting, committee for supporting and members for bringing and buying plants and attending in this weather.

Chris Davies