Indoor Meeting: Talk on 'Hardy Border Perennials' by Barry Gayton

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10th December 2016

Barry is locally well known as a down-to-earth experienced gardener.

He advised members to compost all garden waste a and leaves, which he finds makes useful compost, unturned, in two years.

He summarised his own strategy for an attractive garden, saying that he believed in using common plants because they work. He likes to use a mix of shrubs and perennials in borders and throws out plants that don't do well.

His own garden is modelled on the Bressingham notion of 'island beds', and includes tall plants, like Verbena bonariensis, that allow the other plants to be viewed through them.

He has included a number of star performers, for example, Daphne 'Jaqueline Postill', - evergreen, with shiny foliage and good early scent, in March.

Barry included special plants like some species of snowdrops, which flower in December.

He noted that his garden, in Santon Downham, on the Brandon to Thetford  road is in no way a naturally sheltered garden, noting that the temperature on one night last week read -7C, and that in one of the recent bad winters, it had descended -22C.  Barry likes paths to meander through the garden and avoids them looking like aircraft runways!

By growing a great many plants from seed, Barry has taught himself what works, without great expense, and provided himself with knowledge of a huge range.

He advised collecting seed and sowing it as soon as possible, keeping seed trays and seedlings in a cold- frame through Winter..

He recommended buying plants in Autumn. These would have been grown on since Spring and  could be divided and planted from September until the weather gets too bad, to give a better and more cost-effective display, the following year. He reminded us that plants might still need watering during Autumn.

Barry recommended using  pea--sticks for staking, advising that the tops should be bent over into the centre, where they would soon be grown over. Barry grows his own bamboo!

He also recommended circular wide wire mesh plant supports with long straight legs, and mentioned having used copper piping, which corrodes and could deter some pests.

Barry showed a range of slides, describing the advantages of different styles of growth and flowering habits.These are described in the more detailed write-up which will be published in the next Newsletter.

Chris Davies



Scarce Euphorbia !

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Cathy Rollinson spotted a comment that Don Witton made in the autumn edition of The Hardy Plant about Euphorbia epithymoides “Midas” being a good contender for our Conservation Scheme: “my favourite form of my favourite species, but it is becoming scarce…” 
It is currently listed by 3 nurseries in the 2016 Plantfinder and he has included a photograph of the plant at Avondale Nursery although it is not listed for sale in their 2017 online catalogue.
Does anyone grow this plant in your group if so please give Chris a ring .

If your very interested in 'Heucheras'

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If you are very interested in Heucheras, our National Chairman, Cathy Rollinson is looking for an expert among the HPS membership to assist with the RHS Trial.(Request has come from Graham Rice.)
If you know a member you would recommend, or are interested yourself, please contact her (see back of journal for email) or contact Chris Davies, who will forward your message.
Heuchera Heucherella Collage 1b

Holiday Booking Form 2017

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Reply slip for holiday to Cotswolds 12th  - 15th  June

The price per person for a twin/double room is £385. Single supplement £25 per night

A non-returnable deposit of £50.00 per person  is required by 14 January made

payable  to The Hardy Plant Society, Norfolk & Suffolk Group and send it to:-

John Foster, Gable House, Redisham, Beccles, NR34 8NE together with a 

stamped addressed envelope (8 x  4)


Reply slip for the Cotswolds holiday

Name/s     ________________________________________________________

Address   _________________________________________________________

Contact details (include phone and e-mail)_______________________________

_________________________________________________NT Member Yes/No


Please reserve me_____places  (total number of places required)

Type of room required        double____ twin______single (please circle choice)

Total enclosed - £ _______  (£50.00 per person for reservation fee)

Amount still owing £________

cut________keep this bottom half for your records_____________________ cut

Cotswolds holiday          My Record slip

Final payment to be paid by Saturday 6 May.

Please arrange your own insurance for this trip.

Reserved________ places (total number of places required)

Type of room required____double___twin___single__(please circle choice)

Total sent £______(£50 per person for reservation fee)        Date paid____________

Amount owing by 6 May   £______________________