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Reports of previous HPS Norfolk and Suffolk Group events, as told by our members.

Indoor Meeting: Talk by Jamie Blake "Around the World in 80 Plants"

Written by Chris Davies. Posted in Events Past


11th March 2017IMG 1099

This was the title of the talk by Jaime Blake in which he described his choice of plants with reference to a world map, picking plants from countries and regions as he went, beginning with the UK, France and Western Europe, detailing several snowdrops and a favourite hardy geranium, before moving on to Italy and some of its anemones, asters and lathyrus.

Then there was Greece, with Acanthus, among others, followed by Turkey with alchemilla, hellebores and fritillaries, and their attendant Lily-beetles, leading onto the kniphofias  and amaryllis of  North East Africa.

After that Jaime moved onto Nepal and Northern India, noting an arisaema, adiantum and favourite miscanthus. Thailand raised another arisaema, and Malaysia the hardy begonia B.evansii.

China was the source of a number of lovely plants, including cherries, peonies and Hostas , to name just a few, whilst Japan was the source of astilbe and other miscanthus species.

The USA provided the infamous Leylandii conifer, but also trilliums, verbena, phlox and a number of favourite 'daisies'.

Jaime arrived back in the UK in Liverpool, mentioning a couple of aquilegias, explaining that

 Norah Barlow was the granddaughter of Charles Darwin.

For a longer round the world trip with Jaime, you will have to wait for the next newsletter.

Chris Davies

Indoor Meeting: Talk by Jane Lister "Hoecroft Throught the Seasons"

Written by Chris Davies. Posted in Events Past

20170211 151218

11th February 2017

Jane Lister, of Hoecroft  Nursery and Garden, at Wood Norton, Norfolk, talked of the development of the nursery and gardens over the past 25 years, illustrated with slides from photographs taken by Brenda, who described herself as ' head- cook and bottle-washer'.

The Nursery focuses on ornamental grasses of all shapes, sizes and colours, and plants with coloured foliage, whether trees, shrubs or herbaceous.

Jane described combinations of trees, shrubs, grasses, other foliage plants and flowering species and varieties that would create an interesting effect at any time of the year.

Much of her material was evergreen, or gold, or perhaps pink, white and green, and showed what could be done with very few additional flowering plants, dwelling more on the shapes and textures, and contrasts of stems, leaves, seed heads and forms of growth in differing habitats.

Jane gave us a huge amount of information in the time, and a long description of plant combinations, which are more fully noted on the account in the forthcoming Newsletter.

Jane told us that the Nursery will be closing this year, but the garden will be developed further, for visiting groups. Take advantage of this place while it is still there!

Chris Davies